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Linda Lattimore

Linda Lattimore

Linda Lattimore is a dedicated and passionate collaborator and visionary. She is the Founder and Executive Director of the WGN Global Fund (, a 501c(3) that teaches young leaders about social enterprise as a vehicle for change and gives them the tools to act as role models for future generations. In addition, WGF supports the Global Business Partners program, which joins forces with women in developing nations who, because of socio-economic circumstances, would not otherwise have access to the education or funding opportunities needed to create small businesses. Linda is a well-regarded speaker, published author and educator in the field of Sustained Leadership (

A seasoned lawyer, C-suite executive and business strategist, she is committed to helping individuals, from Millennials to Boomers, understand the importance of their unique gifts and talents to a world in need. An American raised in Latin America, she has traveled extensively throughout the world as international corporate counsel, witnessing first-hand some of the world’s most pressing social issues. As the Founder of Cross Sector Institute (, she is committed to models that recognize the significance of social responsibility. Her emphasis is on encouraging clients to create thriving corporate responsibility programs, and to do well even as they do good.


Solutionaries: You Are the Answer

Solutionaries: You Are the Answer

Women, Self Help, Non Fiction, Inspirational, Educational.

Are you someone who hungers to make a difference in the world, but doesn’t know how?

Perhaps you are a Baby Boomer wishing you could leave a legacy or a Millennial unsure where you want to work but clear that it needs to be with conscious companies. Or maybe you are a woman re-entering the workforce uncertain about your skills and talents.

The main thing is, you are someone who has a desire to serve and leave a positive impact through your work and volunteer efforts.

“Solutionaries” sets you on the right path by taking you through a process whereby you:

  • Discover the talents, gifts and tools that make you uniquely qualified to lead.
  • Present your distinct value proposition to the world with intention.


  •  Identify compelling issues that drive you to serve and make a difference.


  •  Find and join your tribe of likeminded “Solutionaries” and changemakers.


  •  Create an action plan for a life that meets both your financial and emotional needs. And more!


 Become a Solutionary and discover the answer to making the world a better place!


  • For fans of: Zoe Weil's "The World Becomes What We Teach"
  • Anthony Boquet's "The Bloodline of Wisdom"
  • William MacAskill's "Doing Good Better"
  • Leslie R. Crutchfield's "Do More than Give"
  • Peter Singer's "The Life You Can Save"


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